Fear And A Failure To Act

by Galadh

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Recorded, mixed and mastered between February 2012 and July 2013 at Rob Chocolate Studios.

Galadh are:

Matt Panopoulos - vocals, guitar
Rob Anderson - vocals, guitar, bass, drums

Artwork by Fina


released 09 August 2013
Tracks 1-3, 5 and 6: music and lyrics by Matt
Track 4: music and lyrics by Matt and Rob
Vocals on Legion by Josh Wales
Synth on Legion by Rob



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Track Name: Plague Doctor
I know who I am:
I, the surgeon, the saviour of life.
Masked in the only hope you'll find.

Death walks with me, and every step I take
another soul led to the grave.
Hate builds in me, in every life that fades.
I cannot keep this pestilence at bay
This plague I'm bearing.
My very soul is writhing.
As I lay to waste 10,000
I bring new death to the dying

With my hands in my heart
as I rip them apart;
the answer eludes me!
And the blood on their sheets
shows the deed is complete,
but still it escapes me.

Dear Martel,
so beautiful
as I lay her body to rest.
Dear Martel,
so pitiful
the one who still remain.
The one I couldn't save.

In the depth of disease
I know who I am.
I know who I am.

I, the monster, the bring of night.
Tasked with the cleansing (the ending) of mankind.